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Amira Cámpora

    • Argenna, Physical Expression teacher, Jean Piaget pedagogy, Educaonal Sciences, UBA.
    • Amira started dancing tango in 1990 at tradional tango houses in the San Telmo area. She parcipated in “Maratón”, a play performed at the Colón Opera House. She trained with old school “milongueros”, such as Pupi Castello, Juan Bruno, etc., and with teachers such as Juan Carlos Copes, Pepito Avellaneda, Antonio Todaro, Graciela González, Vanina Bilous, etc. Finally, she chose to follow the school of Gustavo Naveira
    • She lived in Germany for 13 years. She worked with Michal Domke at the “La Milonga” studio in Bremen, and gained recognion throughout Europe as one of the pioneering developers of “follower technique” in Germany. She danced at the Berlin Philharmonic. She was one of the 7rst Argenne teachers invited to teach in Moscow.

      Amira was a dance partner to famous dancer Omar Vega. She parcipated in the 7lm La lección detango. She gave lessons to Sally Po8er, the creator of the 7lm. She was invited to the 1st tango fesval in Istanbul.

    • She parcipated in the Cambalache Fesval with “Tankomik”, in Buenos Aires, to great success and good reviews. At Misterio-Tango (Buenos Aires), she taught reknowned Argenne actor Natalia Oreiro.
    • She performed her one-woman show for the Banco do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro.
    • Creadora de su propio unipersonal de Tango, teatro con muñecos y cantado, humorístico, llamado: Cía “ Tango x 1” estrenado en 2012 en el Centro Cultural Borges en Bs As.
    • A?er se8ling down in Buenos Aires, she teaches at her studio and is invited to teach and perform in di@erent venues throughout the city.
    • She is also a DJ.She tours every year to di@erent Argenne provinces and to Europe, Canada, the US, Brazil, French Guiana, etc.
    • Estudios aparte del tango: canto, actuación, música afrolatinoamericas, danzas populares brasileras, Yoga. Actually she study the method of Moshe Feldenkrais, “ Awareness through the movements”.
    • She has created her own teaching method, “Tango Fundamental”, which involves observing the student, adapng to their level and giving them the tools they need to advance and enrich their dancing. She specializes in private lessons, because of her particular dedication.
    • She has created her own comedy one-woman show, which involves tango and acting, with dummies and singing. It is called “Compañía Tango x 1” and 7rst opened in 2012 at the Centro Cultural Borges (Buenos Aires).
    • She continues her research, and keeps studying, mostly a?er the Naveira and Frúmboli school.
    • She participated as a jury and teacher in the Tango world champion and Festival in Buenos Aires 2018

As Teacher

Her own teaching style “FUNDAMENTAL TANGO”




My broad experience, stemming from years of teaching and studentfeedback, has allowed me to create my own teaching style.

It is based on observaon, and on presenng informaon at the pace of the group and of each individual. I’ve specialized in personalized lessons, in which I take the me thatis necessary for the knowledge to be integrated. I promote a development of one’s own style, based on comfort, but always within tango aesthecs.

Mistakes are used as a springboard for creavity, and as a key to movaon. I also bring in other physical techniques when tango technique is not enough for comprehension. “Music is like an invisible band that leads the couple.” Music inspiresand condions the dance.Improvisaon is a key part of tango as a popular and a social dance.

It has a powerful structure, which is like the grammar of a language,and which gives us the necessary elements to create our own style and bring freedom to our dance. That structure is the “basics”, the “fundamentals”, the “essence” of tango. The secret is to learn its fundamentals, and to stop thinking that basics have no value, because they are the key to our dance and we need to return to them o$en, as they are recycled and renewed.

Follower (female) role

A follower-role pioneer in Germany. This role has evolved in the past years, and different practices have been developed (by others and by myself) outside of the couple work.

In particular, they involve exercises for the follower as a an individual and as the led person, in orderto increase confidence and comfort. The basic pillars of this role are waiting and reacting, being relaxed and yet attentive.

Following is not a passive activity; our attention is set on interpreting, reading, feeling what our partner is saying, because each new encounter is different and unique. Embellishments enrich our dance.

I teach when and in which music we can express them, within tango aesthetics.

Milonga special

I have developed, as an additional area, the milonga rhythm, for several reasons: there are not too many professionals who work with it, I believe it predates the tango rhythim, and I have danced with Omar Vega, who is considered one of the best milonga dancers, and triggered my own research. This rhythm is closer to African rhythms, and it is faster than tango.

I feel the body needs to respond with greater speed, reflexes must be activated, and all of this must be applied on the dancefloor. I also integrate some of its relatives: candombe, milonga campera, Brazilian rhythms, all of which enrich the milonga rhythm.


As Artist

“Tango x 1” Company © Tango and theater one-woman show. Created by Amira Cámpora

Using the universal language of mime theater, the show tells different short stories, such as “Operation Tango”, “Tango Legs”, “Cinderella Tango”, “Searching for Tangos and “An Homage to the Bandoneon”.

Different original elements are used, such as dummies, imaginary dancers, props and masks. The genre is humor, and the tone is sarcastic. The show includes mime acting, scenes sung with the same theatrical grotesque style, using small elements that enhance the presentation.

It takes its inspiration from tango lyrics, unique poetry and unparalleled singers.This is an original, flexible show.

It can be performed as a longer show, which includes visual images of the city of Buenos Aires, called: “A Walk Around Buenos Aires”, or shortscenes from it can be chosen.Approximate duration: 50 minutesDirected by: Eduardo Bertoglio


Feed back

  • You put me in the right direction (and slowing my milonga down a bit …). Thank you!!! Hope to come to Bs As very soon.

    Jörgen 2008
  • Te extrañamos, fue un placer tenerte aqui en Toronto, Seguimos hablando de vos y de tu metodo preciso de enseñar, sos una gran maestra.

    Maria fernanda - 2008
  • Pienso en tus correcciones cuando estoy bailando e intento mejorarlo gracias.

    Joan, Toronto 2088
  • We enjoyed your workshops here in St. John´s NFLD, You are great dancer and teacher, hope we see you again here.

    Dora from St john
  • My friend vicky has a brother who lives in edmonton, canada and speaks very highly of you and your tango classes. i am visiting buenos aires in april and i would like for my mother and i to take some classes with you.

    Dora from St john
  • Cooles Foto, Amira! Cheers! Deine Vorstellung bei Fabiana war übrigens grandios, vor allem das “lebende bandoneon

    Lieben Gruss, Martin
  • You really did leave me, trough your lessons and encouragement, with skill, fun, courage, more pleasure dancing, as well as wonderful memories about my experience of you as a teacher. I have got this understanding better into my body, to enjoying more shared moving steps.

    Claudia Bertotto, Peter and Ingrid
  • …Thank you, again, for presenting such an excellent workshop for us here in Waterloo. Your enthusiasm kept us going even though many people appeared to be tired out.

    Dawn Canada
  • Gracias a vos bailo el tango!!! Buenos Aires

    Juan Manuel 2013
  • you are amazing, you can fix the body and improve the tango!

    Traicy USA
  • Pude ver como en las 2 horas de clase mi pareja se transformaba mejorando su baile

    Pablo, Buenos Aires 2014
  • Sos una gran maestra ¡

    Lucie, Guyana Francesa 2014
  • Bertram ed io ti ringraziamo per tutto ció che ci hai insegnato e per la tua passione e il tuo amore per ció che fai.

  • Eine Ausnahme Künstlerin.

    Mano ( Reutlingen Germany)
  • Wir waren schon in Bs. As., aber Diese Reise ist einzigartig

    Ulli und Gisela ( Münster Germany)

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Tours and Activities 2020

    I am in Buenos Aires until March 2020
    Next Europe Tour: March to June 2020
    From November 1st to 13th 2020

Activities in 2019

    From October 13th to October 25th and from November 10th to November 22th 2019
    From April 3rd to July 20th
    And from July 6th to July 20th as Dj together with vinyl Dj “Rufino Cambaceres”







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